Setting up your Sony Blu Ray player with Unblockr


1. Under Set-up on your Blu Ray Player's home screen, select 'Network Settings'.

2. Select 'Internet Settings'.

3. To manually set up our DNS, Select 'Custom'.

4. Select 'No', on the IPv6 setting screen.

5. On how to set up IPv4 Address screen, select 'Custom'.

6. IP Address Setting: This must be set to 'Auto', this will allow the Blu Ray player to pick up these settings from the router.

7. DNS Settings: Select 'Specify IP Address'.

8. Enter our DNS in the Primary and Secondary DNS address fields. You will choose the DNS for your country or the closest to you.

This is the upto date DNS list.





Canada DNS1 =

Canada DNS2 =

Germany DNS1 =

Germany DNS2 =

When completed, scroll right with the remote and select 'No' on the proxy server settings.

9. Scroll right on the Network Settings screen and select 'Save & Connect'.

10. The player will now connect to the network and the internet and a confirmation message will appear on screen when completed.

11. Reboot your Blu Ray player.