Unblockr has released an excellent app for android devices including shield/firestick/tv/phones.

This app is now on Amazon Store and Google playstore along with the DNS app. Search for Unblockr.
For shield and android devices that don't have access to unblockr via stores, please use downloader and our direct link for the vpn app. http://www.unblockr.net/Unblockr-VPN.apk

All that is needed is an Unblockr vpn subscription and the app.

Merely install your api key (found within your Unblockr profile) and select the country's vpn of your choice.

The api key is case sensitive and linked to your account..

With this app you no longer need openvpn on your device.

The app should be installed on every device you wish to be covered by VPN.

As VPN overrides any DNS settings then there is no point in running the DNS app at the same time.

The DNS service is included in the VPN sub and can be used with the DNS app when not using the VPN.

Please note.. The Kodi diagnostic addon will NOT work while you are on VPN. It is for DNS only.

Thank you.