Unblockr uses a kodi addon to update the unblockr server with changed ip's, but if you don't use Kodi and your ip changes often (BT) then it can be a pain to A) Know it's changed and B) keep going into your Unblockr Profile to update your current ip.

NO-IP solves this problem. It basically monitors your ip for a change then Unblockr will be updated automatically.

First we need to go to NO-IP website. https://www.noip.com/

Sign up and make a new account. Verify your account by email.

You now create a hostname. Use a name/word that you like and you can choose from 4 free host types.

 When you have filled in the information for your new hostname, simply click the “Add Host” button at the bottom of the page to save it.

There are now 2 ways to use your dynamic dns. The best and easiest way is to use it via your router. Otherwise you will need to download an app called DUC that runs in the background on your main Unblockr device. This is on their website.


After installing the DUC, be sure to configure it with the email address and password that you used to login to the NO-IP site. As long as the No-IP software is properly configured and running, your hostname will always point to the dynamic IP address at your location, no matter when it changes.


If you do not wish to run a computer/device at all times you can see if your router supports No-IP. Here is a list of routers that support this.


If your router supports NO-IP then its very easy to setup and the website has easy instructions for tp-link and asus plus many more.


Log into your Unblockr account and enter your Unblockr profile.

In your current registered IP address enter your new hostname and host type being the one you just created in NO-IP.

Select Save.

Thats it... Every time your ISP changes your ip, NO-IP will detect the change within 5 minutes (Router default is 1 hour) and Unblockr will be updated straight away.

A few points to note.... With this being a free account the host dies every 30 days.. Which means you have to revive it before it dies. They send you an email and a link to keep your ddns alive and as long as you click the link you wont have to change anything.