There is a slight difference on how you would import the config file with the 4k version. But this will work on 2nd and 3rd gen firesticks also.

Remember to install apps that are not on amazon playstore you have to permit your firestick to download unknown apps.

This can be done by going into your firestick settings/my fire tv/developers options and enabling ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources.

First you have to be subbed to Unblockr vpn.

On the firestick using downloader enter

(At this point I would advise you press your 3 line button and enable java. Fullscreen is much better too)

Login and access your Unblockr vpn folder and select regenerate (You only ever need to do this once for all config files)


The little down arrow at side of uk vpn will open and allow you to download all 4 of config files one at a time if you wish.

P2P is the the only vpn you can use for torrenting.

File will download onto your firestick and you select Done.


Now go back into Downloader and enter 

Select either the latest or the stable version and install.

Once installed you can delete the file by selecting Delete/Delete

Now the difference. 

You need to download ES File Explorer (ESFE) 

This can be found in the normal amazon playstore for free.

In ESFE goto your sd card (On my ESFE it shows 0) and enter the folder called downloader.

In here you will see the config file(s) you have downloaded.

Click on the config file. The first time you try this it will ask if you want to open the link to openvpn. Enter yes.

Openvpn will open the convert config file section (import) and all you have to do is click on the tick in the top right corner.

You will be taken back to ESFE and can continue adding config files or just exit ESFE.

Now when you select Openvpn you will see your imported Unblockr profiles. Select one and it should say success meaning you are now on vpn.

You can close openvpn as the program doesn't need to be open. To disable the vpn just enter openvpn and select the active profile and click it.

Please note.. The Kodi diagnostic addon will NOT work while you are on VPN. It is for DNS only.

Fpads Fpads has made a powerpoint pdf if you would like a pictorial guide. The file is attached.