Find your IP and gateway on an amazon device

1. On your amazon TV device, from the home screen go to the top menu and click on settings

2. Then scroll across and click on device

3. Click on About

4. Scroll down to Network, but no need to click on this - you will now see your IP address and gateway in a list on the right hand side of the screen, write these values down or take a photo of this screen on your phone for recollection.

Find Router IP on Windows

Open up the program command prompt
Type “ipconfig” without the quotes and press enter
The IP address from default gateway is most likely the IP address of your router

Find Router IP on OS X

Open System Preferences
Go to Network
Click Advanced
Go to TCP/IP – here you will see the routers IP

Find router IP and Gateway on Android devices

install "ipconfig" application from Google Play  - .After starting the application shows the following information:
  • Device IP-address assigned by DHCP server
  • Subnet IP address mask
  • Default gateway IP-address
  • DHCP server IP-address
  • IP addresses of the DNS servers
  • Lease duration of the assigned IP address
  • MAC address of the network interface