Download the OpenVPN Client

1. Go to the App store with your iPad/iPhone.


2. Tap on Search.


3. Enter openvpn connect in the search bar.4. Tap on Free button.


5. Tap on Install.


6. Sign in to iTunes store with your account and tap OK.


7. After the successful installation you now have to import your opvn file or files from your Unblockr profile.

This entails you having a vpn sub which will open a new folder in your Unblockr account called VPN.

Within this folder there is a button called "regenerate" 

You only need to click this once as it ties in your account to the opvn files.

You can now download one or more of the .OVPN configuration files from the opvn window, there is a small arrow which opens the window to access the other opvn files.

Once downloaded you then need to import them into your openvpn.

Within Openvpn in the top right is + button and will allow you to import the files.

After importing you can select and activate a opvn file.

Please note.. The Kodi DNS diagnostic addon will NOT work while you are on VPN. It is for DNS only.