You've configured the Unblockr DNS service and you're ready to go? So how do you know it's working properly

  1. Well, if your device connects to the internet, and your Network Settings settings show our DNS Servers then there's a good chance all is well. 
  2. If you're using our Kodi addon, launch the addon and you should see some on-screen diagnostics and two large green check marks. If you only have one red one green or two reds then that's bad - something is wrong. Read the diagnostic screen and try again. Check your registered IP address and API key.
  3. If you have two greens it really is working. However if you don't use our addon, or want further assurance, then try accessing a previously blocked site. One good example in the UK is
  4. The last test is subjective, but if you're using Unblockr in conjunction with a search or query tool (such a a Kodi addon or an android apk) then you should see noticeably more stream sources presented for viewing.