You need to download a bit of free software called OpenVPN (This is specific software is needed to connect via a VPN).

For Android Devices use "OpenVPN For Android" found in the playstore

For Windows use

For Mac use Stable

To get the VPN config file (which is what you need from Unblockr to use within OpenVPN to make it work) on to your device, you'll have to use a web browser and login to your client area at: 

Sign in with your user name and password, then click on the VPN tab, you will then be able to download your unique config files here, or transfer them via USB/ADB. You must select Regenerate first. You need only do this once. We have files labelled UK, USA, Canada and P2P. The UK file will allow the wider internet to think that you are in the UK and the same for the others. P2P is used for file sharing and torrenting 

Note: If your config files names end in .txt you will need to change it to end in .ovpn 

Once downloaded the config file you can either drag and drop the file into the 'configurations' box of OpenVPN main screen,  or import the config file as a 'configuration' using OpenVPN 

Once you have your Unblockr config file within OpenVPN click connect and you will be online via VPN

To double check your using the VPN, visit website in any browser and your location should be different to your actual home location 

Visit our facebook support page for my help and support from other users and an unblockr support member