Push the Home button on your remote.

Select Settings.

Select Network.

Select Network setup.

Select Expert.

Select your network connection. For example, if you are using a Wi-Fi connection, select Wi-Fi.

If you chose Wi-Fi, choose your Wi-Fi network. It's usually the one with the word "Connected" underneath it.

Select Advanced options.

Select IP settings.

For IP settings, select Static.

Enter an IP address valid for your home network. Usually you can use the one it was using before (filled in automatically). Once entered, select Next.

Enter your gateway's address. This is the IP address of your router in most cases. Once again, the TV will try to fill this in for you. Once entered, select Next.

Next, you'll be asked for your network prefix length. In most cases, 24 is appropriate. Select Next when done.

Enter the DNS address of the first DNS server you want from the list below, then select Next.





Canada DNS1 =

Canada DNS2 =

Germany DNS1 =

Germany DNS2 =

Enter the second DNS server you want, then select Next.

Select Ok to complete and confirm your custom settings.