Unblockr now has an Android app for DNS and VPN which can be found within Playstore and also amazon store. No need to adjust network connections. 

To use Unblockr, you have to change the DNS address of your computer or mobile/multimedia device.
Be sure to make a note of the current server addresses or settings. Keep these numbers for backup purposes in case you need to revert to them.

2nd/3rd/4k Generation device?

or prefer video tutorials (for 2nd gen device) ? Try this ...

Depending on your location please use the follow DNS addresses for unblockr (video and below guides use UK as standard)

American DNS Servers:

Primary :


UK DNS Servers:






Germany DNS1 =

Germany DNS2 =


Set up your FireTV in the way suggested by Amazon.

Next, you need to discover the network settings your network has allocated to the firetv.

Goto Settings

Then scroll across and click on System

Then select About and then Network

And make a note of the following values

1. IP Address

2. Gateway

If you're an very advanced network user, you may also need to take note of the Subnet Mask. If you don't know what this is, just ignore it :)

Now that you know the network values you are on you can continue to configuring your network.

Let's go...

On the FireTV / Stick

Goto Settings

Then scroll across and click on System

Next you need to do slightly different things depending on whether you're using Wifi or a wired internet (via a cable to the FireTV)

If you're connecting to the internet via Wifi

  1. Click on WI-FI if thats what your using to connect to the modem/internet

  2. Select your current WI-FI network and forget WI-FI network by Pressing the button with 3 lines on it.

  3. Press the Select button to confirm forgetting.

  4. Select search all networks and the top one on the list should be the one you just forgot.

  5. Reselect the wifi network that you just forgot

  6. Input your WI-FI password then Click on advanced

Now jump to the common steps for both wired and wifi connections

If you're connecting with a cable (wired connection)

1. Click on Network wired

2. now click on "Configure Network" and manually configure the network

For both wired and Wifi connections

Here we enter the IP address we are going to use for the FTV.

Use the value you noted at the beginning of the article (or do it now if you didn't).  Here we're using

Next step it will ask for a default gateway, put in the Gateway from the top of this post. Example

Then enter 24 as the network prefix.

Enter the Unblockr DNS server for your country. Here we use UK and click Next 

(do not use the ip address shown in the below picture)

Enter the Second DNS server (Example uk) and click Next

And that's it ! You're ready to enjoy Unblockr on your FireTV/Stick

Press the Return key on your remote till you reach the main menu.

Wired Connection? The same instructions above apply but here they are again:

        Go to Settings

  • Select System
  • Select Network (wired)
  • Select Configure Network
  • Enter a valid IP from your home network. Find the IP of your router in the guide above.
  • Set prefix length to 24. Press Next.
  • Set gateway to the router IP (You can find the correct gateway by following the guide above). Press Next.
  • Set DNS1 to (Example UK)
  • Set DNS2 to (Example UK)