In order to use Unblockr you have to change the DNS address of your computer or mobile/multimedia device.

Please make sure you write down what your current settings are before you change them.

  • Open Settings
  • Open General
  • Open Network
  • Select Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • In the Wi-Fi or Ethernet configuration menu, select Configure DNS and select Manual
  • When asked for the DNS address, enter: (Example UK) and (pad with leading zeroes where applicable)
  • Select Done, exit to main menu
  • Select Restart in the General menu

Since Apple decided to only support one DNS server in IOS for ATV, IF this server ever goes down for maintenance which happens every now and then. Setting your DNS back to automatic will reset your DNS configuration and bring back internet connectivity in this case. You can then try the alternative DNS server listed above.

If you don't see the HuluPlus App in the main menu, you have to change your iTunes store location:

  • Open Settings
  • Open iTunes Store
  • Open Location
  • Select United States
  • Go back to the Settings menu
  • Select Restart in the General menu

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Setup DNS on Apple TV 4

    1. From the Apple TV Main menu, click on "Settings."
    2. Click on "Network."
    3. The network menu will display your current network configuration.  Click on the configuration listed under "Connection"
    4. Click on  "Configure DNS" and then "Manual"
    5. Enter the DNS numbers from the list below depending on where you live/live closest to:

  • UK DNS1 =

    UK DNS2 =

    USA DNS1 =

    USA DNS2 =

    Canada DNS1 =

    Canada DNS2 =

    Germany DNS1 =

    Germany DNS2 =

  • 6. Click on "Done" once you have entered the DNS.

    7. Restart your Apple TV



  • For further support please access our Unblockr Facebook community as you may find lots of ready made discussions with solutions are already posted