In order to use Unblockr, you have to change the DNS address of your computer or mobile/multimedia device.
Make sure you write down what your current settings are before you change them.

  • Click on the Apple icon top left of desktop screen
  • click on system preference
  • click on Network 
  • make sure you current internet connection is highlighted on the left hand bar
  • Click on Advanced button
  • Click TCP/IP tab
  • Write down the IPv4 Address
  • Click on the drop down for Configure IPv4 
  • Set this to manually 
  • Type in that IP address you wrote down above
  • Click on DNS tab
  • Click the + button at the bottom of the DNS servers white window
  • Type in the DNS numbers from below for your location and then click OK

UK DNS servers 



American DNS Servers:

    Primary :





Germany DNS1 =

Germany DNS2 =

  • Click Apply (bottom right)
  • restart your device 

You will need to install the Unblockr Kodi addon to make sure your all set up and working fine, see link to Kodi guide below

How to install the Unblockr Addon

Please note

  • If you see grey coloured numbers in the DNS settings, this means they are router assigned settings. When you enter our DNS, the router assigned DNS will be overwritten

For further support please access our Unblockr Facebook community as you may find lots of ready made discussions with solutions are already posted